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It's built into the chassis of my Premier 2-8-8-2 R4. It appears that is just a decorative pipe, but the installation is awfully elaborate for a decorative piece.

It can swivel left and right to accommodate the boiler overhang in curves, but it's almost never visible with the boiler installed and it's just getting in the way of my smoke mount.

My inkling is to cut it down by a little less than a quarter inch to clear the smoke mount, but I figured I'd ask if you guys know about a more critical purpose than a buried pipe detail.



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After some more tinkering, I'm pretty sure it's there to prevent over-articulating of the front half of the chassis, preventing damage to the drive shaft and coupling between the two independent driven sections.

In other words, if someone tried to run it through a curve less than O72, it would bottom out against to inner wall of the boiler and force a derailment before the truck turned far enough to bust the coupling and shaft.

So it does have a real purpose and is not just for show. Guess I have to modify my smoke mount.

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