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Any type of track will work; it depends more on how it will be supported. Atlas, Lionel tubular, MTH scaletrax (non-flexible sections), and Gargraves (non-flexible sections) are fairly rigid, and as such do not need as many supports. Gargraves' flex trax, Lionel's Fastrack, and MTH's Realtrax are fairly flexible over long spans, and as such need additional support.


There is a huge variety of trestles on the market today, ranging from Lionel's 110 and 111 trestle sets to scale versions of subway trestles from manufacturers such as BridgeBoss and Landro Trains.


In the end I think the deciding factor might be how well you want the elevated line to "fit" with your existing layout. A toylike-looking trestle might look out of place on a hi-rail layout, whereas a finely detailed trestle might seem a bit too much on a postwar-themed layout. The important thing to remember is that no matter what you have to be happy with the end result, so with that in mind there can be no "wrong" way to add an elevated track to your layout.


Hope this helps!



 I use Atlas as they offer pretty much the most sizes of curved track. I also like the appearance and their assembly technique.

 As far as the ELevated Subway system, please refer to my website for many examples of customers layouts using my system along w additional info and data. Contact me if you would like additional information. See below a couple examples.



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I'm building an elevated trolly line using MTH Real Trax ... which is not working out so well. The Real Trax is supported by MTH girder piers which look nice.  


The problem that I am experiencing with Real Trax is lack of electrical connectivity, even though I have checked and rechecked that all sections are joined together ... and I have the track fastened to the piers with screws.  Very frustrating!!!!    Real trax works fine on solid level ground but for some reason its problematic when used on my elevated line.  Before its all said and done I may replace the Real Trax with Gargraves.  As someone said previously on this thread, Gargraves long sections do not require as many support piers.


Im sure Atlas track will work great!  I find it a bit too pricy for my budget though. 


Just want to share my experience with you before you begin your EL project.  Whatever you decide, best of luck!

Hi Bingo
I believe Gary (first photo) uses the MTH real track thru-out his layout.
The think the spacing between the ties is a bit wider than Atlas.
Please refer to my website for pricing or contact me direct.
thanks. jim r
Originally Posted by Bingo player:
Jim- what track is on the first picture?  I like that a lot. What is the price per section?


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