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   Welcome to Whistle Stop Wednesday Videos. Close encounters of the “ O Scale “ Kind. This week we feature those PESKY ALIENS. This time they land on SNOB HILL and bring forth a book to give to the Mayor AUSTIN MOORE, stating "To Serve Man". it's up to you to interpret the meaning of this book. This was a BIG ADO for SNOB HILL. HOPE you enjoyed watching this video. Please post your videos on here if you wish. Thanks for watching these PESKY ALIENS. Stay tuned for more to come…


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Excellent portrayal of a Twilight Zone edition that was finally pulled due to the fear that the country would fall into a catastrophic panic-stricken penambulatiory state similar to what took place with the famous O Welles War of the Worlds.

Congratulations on you Capitol find. You turned it into quite a flying saucer. Be sure to send the video and some photos to Dave for his website. You are gonna Be famous.

Thanks. This was fun.

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