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I think it was a year ago, I saw a Lionel 2 rail T1 for sale. I believe it was Gryzbowski's that sold it on ebay? I passed on it as money was tight. I figured it may need work to run for me with DCS. It's one of those that I let get away and still regret.

Anyways I'm wondering how it performs on your layout? Does it track well? How does it sound?

Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4 Duplex 2-Rail Model #5511 (

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Years ago when Todd W. worked for Lionel he asked another fellow and me to test the 2 rail version and give our opinion of it. As I recall the engine ran well. I don't recall anything about the sound. Lionel built either 25 or 50 (memory says 25) of them in 2 rail.

One thing we did point out was that Lionel used the tender from the PRR S2 on the T1. They are not the same.

The Lionel version is unshrouded and runs very well.  A fellow member owns the Lionel T1 and runs it at NYSME.  I own the MTH version, I covered it to PS2 (at the time PS3 was not out) but did not run at all.  It was binding on the broad 2 rail curves.  I looked at the Lionel version and found how they differ.  The wheel base is very long but on the Lionel version they allowed for side play of the main drivers.  The MTH unit had very little side to side play and would bind and derail.  I fixed it by grinding down the bosses on the inside of each wheel center until it had enough side play to move and conform to the curves.  It now runs beautifully.  Let me see if I can find an archive of my woes somewhere on this forum.  

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