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I don't know about that engine but some times the techs that design and make these things add funny things that they use for testing or just playing around. They are never meant to show up in the real world but a stray spike or other strange happening can cause them to show up. No problem when it happens, just turn it off and on or otherwise reset it and you will probably never see it again. We had an engine that started ringing just like a telephone once. Never did figure out how to answer it.
Reminds me of the sounds a modem makes when its handshaking on startup to make a connection to another. Interesting. Of course its probably just random triggering of the sound chip by spurious signals. If it plays the same sound sequence every time though you might could see if inputting that sequence opens up the recording instruction? Only for geeks with too much time on their hands and nothing better to do!
My 'new' Williams Hudson had similiar sounds.Actually it was or sounded 'neat' for a UFO.Sent it back for replacement. An irony,one of the guys in our modular group has a UFO crash landing site,he wanted this sound bad.This sound would havebeen perfect but Williams wanted it back,untouched. Anyone know how to mimic this 'outer space' sound? Bob
it is a thing with the Tru Blast Boards
I have a Girls Steam engine/ A girls GG1/ and a Sp 4-8-4/ And all of these engines have done this at one time or another sometimes a few times it is almost like the sound file gets scrambled.

I am here in the state of Maryland using a post war ZW/ This has also happened with an MTH z-1000 Transformer/ a K-line Super Chief 120 watt Transformer.
Not sure why this happens but it does happen.
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