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Dear Friends,

It took really a long time to cut the footage into a real video on my computer. Oh oh, my German accent! This is a first time project for me and I really put some love into this so please don't be too harsh with your critique No, don't worry. Maybe it turned out too long - please let me know


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Sarah, your video is excellent; your narration flows nicely and is easy to understand, and all the images have a purpose.  It is quite timely because I am in a similar position, building small sections while my main layout space is not yet available, and I need several very realistic trees.  I enjoyed a laugh-out-loud moment when during the run-down of materials you showed earbuds...."Good music".  Yep, patience is a must-have!


Paul,   Whangarei, NZ.

Sarah, in einem wort: Fantastisch!

A Must: Your video truly belongs on the O gauge Railroading site so Digital Subscribers worldwide can also enjoy it!

I sincerely hope the OGR staff will work with you to make it happen ASAP.

Dreams still can come true in Century 21.  Your professionalism in producing this video is living proof!



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Oh man! You're all so kind. Thank you my friends! There's a second tree video online that I marked with "HO-scale" but the technique works just as good for taller trees. It's a one hour build, really quick and easy to put together and still looks good.

I'll use exactly that tree on my layout, of course. The latex-bark-method works so well and the ready to use foliage by Dioramapersepe speeds up the whole process a lot. Ground Coffee straight from the pack was used so I called it "The Coffee Tree".

Cheers, Sarah



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