I'm looking to buy a 'Rev L' version of the MTH DCS TIU+Remote system (50-1001). My local train store has a used 'Rev I' available but from what I've heard, the 'Rev L' is the better product and works nicer with PS3 engines.

If anyone has one available please let me know. We can converse here or through my email (listed on my profile).


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yes  the rev L tiu has the best signal strength of  all older tiu's would highly recommend to buy tiu rev L! this is the latest  tiu !

I would not buy the revi its very old and some of them had problems




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Actually, the Rev G (original version with no label) was the one to avoid.  The later revs are OK. 

As stated, the Rev. L does have some improvements, but they do come with some negative baggage.  There's a lot of threads here about the DCS signal buffers getting zapped, that was not a problem with the older versions.  Something about the "improvements" in the signal strength left the buffers exposed to outside voltage spikes it would appear.

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