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Sunday April 16th. 80 deg. partly cloudy

Monday April 17th. 65 deg.  partly cloudy   

Tuesday April 18th. 55 deg. partly cloudy

Wednesday April 19th. 64 deg. mostly sunny

Thursday April 20th. 73 deg. partly cloudy

Friday April 21st. 80 deg. AM showers

Saturday April 22nd.  66 deg. Thunder storms

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I come prepared for anything from below freezing to shorts weather, and I've never been surprised.  Unless there's so much snow that the turnpike is closed, I'll be there.  I can't control the weather, and it will have minimal effect on my enjoyment of the meet. 

I guarantee that it will be windy or rainy (or both) when it's time to carry a large purchase back to the car.

Funny thread- we are all hoping for the best.

For those who want to go crazy on weather forecast accuracy, I found this web site with accuracy of weather forecasts for York PA.  If I read the details correctly, in February, there was ~70% chance of an accurate 1-3-day forecast.   The weather channel appears to be the most accurate barely.  Precipitation appears to be a better bet than temperature, especially low. 

"These are the one- to three-day out accuracy percentages for high temperature, low temperature, icon forecast precipitation (both rain and snow), and text forecast precipitation (both rain and snow). Temperature accuracy is the percentage of forecasts within three degrees. Precipitation accuracy is the percentage of correct forecasts. The forecasts are collected in the evening."


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Hmm...  Warm enough, but I could do with less water!


Agree that there are likely more changes to come. BTW, there is a considerable difference right now between the AccuWeather and the Weather Channel forecasts for York this week.


67° /47°
Not as warm, turning breezy


56° /38°
A shower; breezy, cooler


64° /45°
Mostly sunny and warmer


71° /50°
Beautiful with clouds and sun


76° /52°
Turning cloudy


71° /50°
Mostly cloudy with a shower


Since Eddie is already basking in the York experience I will post this.  Not to step on his toes but just to put a final forecast since he's most likely having too much fun.  We're in for a hot one on Thursday and hotter Friday.

WED 4/19

69° /43°
Milder; breezy this morning
Rain 0%

THU 4/20

85° /51°
Mostly sunny and warmer
Rain 0%

FRI 4/21

89° /64°
Very warm
Rain 6%

SAT 4/22

76° /47°
Rather cloudy; breezy, cooler
Rain 25%

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