(10/10/18) New Duplex Building from Menards!

Move to Primrose Lane: The 279-4450 Duplex house

The basics: The fully assembled and illuminated duplex has a detailed base with greenery, and a footprint measuring 14 inches wide and 9-3/4 inches deep. The structure has interior illumination and six external security lights. Exterior detailing includes gutter spouts, colored stone yard decoration, and six O scale figures positioned around the base. The duplex costs $79.99.

For illumination the duplex requires a Menards 4.5-volt power supply, Menards SKU 279-4361/4061, 279-4362/4062, or 279-4050

Why you need this: Most O gauge railroaders include houses for their 1:48 scale train crews and their families. Styles may be as varied as vintage plastic homes to modern ranch or apartment houses. The duplex from Menards is as modern a home as you’ll find: Suitable for a residential neighborhood or a condo complex, and sure to look right-in-place on any railroad running stack trains and the latest modern diesels.

The first eye-catching detail is the roof, with its simulated Terracotta-style shingles. These appear to be sturdy protection from your layout’s worst weather.

The street side of the structure has garage doors for each unit. Each garage door has intricately cut windows along the top. On the sides you’ll find steps and doorways for each home. A chimney is about an inch from the door and features multi-colored brick texture on frame of stairs and chimneys. This brick trim begins on the front (garage door) and runs down the right and left sides.

The windows are nicely recessed and have window ledges. All of the windows have treatments. These vary from full to partially closed blinds, and the large patio doors on the rear of the house have curtains. The entry design is blue, for a nice contrast.

The interior is brightly illuminated and there are security lights ringing the exterior.

Of course, no neighborhood looks complete without people, and the duplex has three kids at play, dad walking out to receive a package from a brown-clad deliveryman, and mom about to take Jack out for a walk.

The duplex from Menards is a perfect fit for a 21st Century layout.
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Talk about timing!!!! Just saw this on the back of the new OGR magazine....secret out!!! Looks good for a modern layout....small foot print. Look good on a modern So Cal Layout!! 


BTW.....have a race fan in the family and you want trains?? Told my kids about the Ryan Blaney die cast and how they could order a freight car, give it to me for Christmas and they keep the Ryan die cast!!! They get out cheap and I get trains!! 


PS Mark how can I contact you of forum.

Nice! If I had extra money my wife would be ****ed at me! But this way when we go to N. Dakota I can still go to the Menards store there!


USMC 5/11 Battalion Oscar Battery 155 Big Guns!

Semper Fi !

Menards addiction Meeting member! /  LCCA# 41824

That's a super looking building. The roof alone shows a lot of attention to detail was put into the plan for this building. Add in the stairs, figures, window and door treatments, lighting, etc. etc. and you have a very modern up to date structure!

Very well done!


play trains posted:

Be careful of angering the wife Bro, that house isn't near big enough for you to move into! LOL Per your suggestion,bought the Starbucks truck, got the race car free!

LOL Don't worry!, I will have a big surprise to share come Friday! I will post it Friday afternoon!


USMC 5/11 Battalion Oscar Battery 155 Big Guns!

Semper Fi !

Menards addiction Meeting member! /  LCCA# 41824

jim sutter posted:

As stated above, great looking house. Menard's, maybe you should think about doing it in a couple of colors. 

Good point, Jim. Usually with Menards houses, the models have been of unique homes that you would only expect to see once in a given neighborhood. But with duplexes of this nature, developers often build several identical buildings side by side, with slight variations such as paint helping lessen the look of row housing. So if Menards adds another color scheme, two houses side by side would be great for anyone who has the space.

Jim R. 

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