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UPDATE 1/9/2019 The WMSR just posted a video update stating that the 1309 would start making test runs within the next three months and that they hope to start running excursions this summer. The video was posted to their Facebook page.

Apparently Mr. Garner hasn't learned YET, to stop making such predictions!

Oh and did you notice he mentioned "Independence Day" again?

"It's OK. I'm a railfan."

Ed Mullan posted:

The 1309 will run before 4014.

Also, the turntable just makes the trip more complete. For now, they can run 1309 up front and tie a diesel to the rear end, let it take the train back down the hill.


Their reservation system has already been updated to reflect exactly that type of operation. Steam power will be used westbound and then use the diesel on the rear eastbound. 

Another question that remains is who will actually operate the locomotive. As far as I know the GM got rid of all of the steam qualified people on the railroad. 

Mr. Anderson, my reply pointing to Kevin Rice was in answer to J11, who asked is going to run 1309, and I think it should be Kevin. He was let go by the WMSR, but he still works on 1309, as a member of Gary Bensman's Diversified Rail Services.  There is no doubt in my mind he knows every part of that locomotive, and is quite capable of operating her.

I've been a fan of the WMSR for years, and I can say that Dan Pluta had a fine record of having 734 ready to go for her work. I think he helped keep the WMSR in the black at times when it was hard to do.


1309 to start revenue runs on 7/4/19:

1309 tickets are for sale, 7/5/19 at 3PM, by them if you dare:

Farmer_Bill posted:

When did they figure this out?  (emphasis added)

"Although the 100-foot Baldwin No. 1309 is too large to be rotated on the turntable at Frostburg, it can push the train back to Cumberland"

I thought that the folks at the WMSR already measured the length of the turntable vs. the length over the wheels of 1309, and determined that 1309 would indeed "fit on the turntable". Now, the bigger issue may have turned out to be; 1309 can't GET to the turntable! Imagine THAT!

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