18226 engine  need replacement for electro coupler damaged

part # 610-8551-551  , can not locate one

possibly someone knows the location of some



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Hi :

sounds like a possibility

the ones I need are mounting hole to closed knuckle end  approx. 2.25 inches

the normal ones are approx. 1.75 inches

Thanks , Les 901chdr @ msn.com

Yes, they're the SD long couplers.  They're actually about 2 3/4" long.

I have the upgrade set for the DASH-9 that has two couplers, and the PAL nuts to mount them.


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Well, if you get them from Lionel, they don't have the connector.  However, the kit I have has the contacts and the shells to plug them in directly.  The reason the contacts are not plugged into the connector shell is to allow pulling them through small holes for installation.  Once the wires are in place, you slip the contacts into the shell and plug them into the board.

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