I have been working on a small layout  (5 x 10) for a couple years with the goal of getting 1901-6 Lionel pieces running.  The Youtube video below shows the current status of things.

I have two loops on the table made with original (later) track , as well as one switch and siding.  They have a #300 trolley from 1903  and a #100 B&O from 1904-6 running on them in the video.

New is an elevated loop of scratch built track with a 1904ish #200 steel gondola at work.

The bridges are reproductions of the later Lionel bridge, one by Jim Cohen and one by Joe Mania.

The 3 pieces are a joy to run - they run effortlessly on low voltage.

Please take a peek at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpAMCl_cy40




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That is way, way too awesome!  I hereby dub this layout "Dealer Display # D-2 7/8  




2 Rails?  3 Rails?  Doesn't matter, I can't count that high anyway.

I love the smell of fresh-brewed creosote first thing in the morning.

Thank you all for your interest and very kind comments!!!

I am basically a postwar person who stumbled on to a set of 2 7/8  (the #100 B&O) back in the 90s , with the intention of  getting it going someday.  The history fascinated me as this was where it all began for Lionel.   But the real hook came when I saw how well it could run.  The #200 steel gondola was a basket case that took forever to put into good shape.

The #300 Converse based trolley is perhaps special as I live about 20 miles from where the Converse factory was  (Winchendon MA).

As you all know, trains were meant to run, so I squeezed in a layout to the train room already dominated by postwar.  (there are also 2 Wide Gauge loops on the floor for some American Flyer).

If you should be in central MA and want to visit, send me an email!  If you are looking for history or information on the 2 7/8 era, I have collected and read a great deal and happy to share it.

Thanks again!


I have a question while you are here, so to speak.

Who out there is operating 2 7/8, either original or reproduction?  I only know of Carey Williams, who posts here with all kinds of wonderful tinplate in action.

The reproductions, Cohen and Mania, seem to easily sell at various auctions, but I have no sense if they just end up on shelves or if people are running them.  I have some Cohen pieces and they run superbly.



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