2 rail Alco S units

Thinking about trying to get Alco S-2's  units done in 2 rail.  Any interest?  what roads do u like.

Here's 16 roads that had them, that I like..SP, SF, PRR, NYC, MILW, CNW, NKP, D&H, NH, GN, NP, SP&S, NYSW, LNE, CV, BCK...

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I'd be interested in a PRR S series switcher but as others have said, only if it is geared for scale speed running using a single horizontal motor drive (like in the AtlasO Sw7/9 or Sunset's diesels), and has fixed pilots.  I don't care for twin vertical motor drives as one of the motors intrudes into the cab and typically the models have low torque motors, small flywheels, and are geared for very high speed running.  I understand Lionel produced an Alco Switcher with a decent horizontal drive several years ago - but only in 3 rail.  

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FYI... Lionel's most recent ("Legacy") Alco S switchers and especially their NW-2 / SW-7s have a single motor with shaft drive.  The drive in the SWs is more logically engineered than the one in the Alcos.  Whether it's better than the vaunted cassette drive in the Atlas SW switcher is hard to say.  It has more moving parts than the Atlas (it's design is similar to a current Sunset 3rd Rail diesel), and its performance as sold is bolstered by high-resolution electronic speed control.

Even on straight DC, I'm pretty sure these would out-perform a 10:1 vertical can motor drive.  They would be a great addition to 2-rail O, IF the manufacturers (or their subcontractors / licensees) were willing.  My $.02

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

Depending on the specifics, I'd be interested in two in Central Vermont.  The specifics would need to include a single horizontal motor drive.  I'd really prefer straight DC, but if push came to shove, I'd accept ESU Loksound.  No smoke.  I'm presuming this project is about 2-railing either MTH or Lionel versions, rather than new tooling.  If so, I would prefer the Lionel.  I'd really prefer Atlas, as I'm not interested in either DCS or Legacy, or TMCC, but I'm guessing we aren't talking about new tooling.


prrjim posted:

I would be interested ONLY if single motor drive in 2 rail such as Atlas SW9 or the recent GGD products.    I would not have any interest in the 2 motor drives done by MTH or Lionel even if 2 rail.

I would be interested if they were the above specs. Roo.

S1 and S2 had Blount trucks.      S3 and S4 had AAR trucks.    S1 and S3 were 600 HP or so, S2 and S4 were 1000 HP.    S3 and S4 superseded the S1 and S2 models respectively.

So if an an S2 is indeed offered as suggested it should have Blount trucks not AAR trucks.    And it should have the bigger radiators for the S2 and other appropriate details.

I would most likely (depending on my budget at the time and price) be in for a NYC version. I don’t hate the twin vertical drive like I used to but like everyone else I prefer the single horizontal motor and also would like DCC and sound. 


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MR-150 posted:

Which manufacturer will be making this locomotive 

with the single horizontal motor???  More curious than interested in any specific manufacturer, and more interested possibly in just buying the drive,

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I would be game for a New Haven ALCO S-1 or S-2 in the New Haven's older orange and dark green script herald scheme as well as a Santa Fe ALCO S (whatever) in the Zebra stripe scheme and an SP ALCO S (whatever) in the tiger-stripe scheme.

At the risk of ranting, I believe that the long-term future of O scale involves modules, public set-ups and locomotives smaller that the massive Electro-Motive and GE six-axle road-switchers that dominate the rails today.

NYNH&H would be my favorite, but their S-2s had a different shape to the cab roof.  It's unlikely that would be modeled.  I'd also go for NYC and PRR.  

Same comments as the previous posts:  Must be available in 2-rail, preferably with drive similar to Atlas SW-8, fixed pilots.


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