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Engine no longer starts conventionally or in DCS.  No "click" either when applying power.  

No lights, no sound.  Z4000 transformer flashes RED like there is a short.  No apparent burn marks on PS2 board in tender.

Any other troubleshooting before I sent this out?



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OK... We are getting power to the 7 pin.   My probes wouldn't fit right.  But I took the wires out of the connector and I could get power.

We did just notice, that while the connectors all have the same pin counts, the connectors on the 5V and 3V board are slightly different.  So I can't plug in the wires that went into the 5V board into the 3V board.


OK, that sounds like the board is bad.

If you want to use that 3V board, you have to do a few things.

First off, you'll need a different battery harness and a 4 ohm speaker.

Next, you'll have to remove the black plastic shells from the dead 5V board and the white ones from the 3V board.  You'll be replacing the white shells with the black shells you salvaged from the 5V board.  You have to be careful doing this as you can damage the 3V board trying to get the shells off.  I find some heat from my heat gun softens the plastic enough to make it easier to get them off, but it's still a tricky little endeavor.

@Ron045 posted:

So... Ready to install the new PS32 board.  There is a small board I assume I don't need and is unique to the 5v board.   The wires all lead to the 12 pin connector.

Do I remove this?IMG_20200301_203759394

If you still have this engine would you mind sending pics of the wiring? I'm working on one of these now and there's some wiring that doesnt make alot of sense. Specifically what each wire nut looks like and the colors of the wires going into the wire nuts, Looking specifically at the orange and grey wires.


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