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The factory legend pasted on the Acela Bistro Car trap door has been a source of confusion even at the Lionel North Carolina repair facility. It was not obvious from the legend which switch controls programming and which one controls sound content. Apparently, the switch positions are not consistent with some other Lionel sound cars according to a Lionel technician. Here are the correct color-coded markings for the Bistro Car provided by Lionel a few days ago:

Bistro Car Trap Door

Another issue with the Bistro Car is that the default factory sound emanating from the moving car is an annoying rhythmic knocking sound. As regular visitors to the real Amtrak Acela Bistro can attest, the sound is not prototypical. To eliminate the sound, simply press the lower left button on the CAB2 keypad.

Bistro Car Control_v1



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  • Bistro Car Trap Door
  • Bistro Car Control_v1
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