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I just picked up one Lionel #22 Left hand remote switch and one Lionel #223 Right hand remote switch. 

222222 left223223 right

I noticed one major difference - the 223 has one straight rail which is insulated.  I'm guessing that is part of the non-derailing feature. 

223 rail

 I'm hoping for a little help to get these working properly.

1 - some track pins are missing.  I have some extra o gauge track.  Are o gauge track pins and standard gauge track pins the same size?

2 - They are missing lantern covers and light bulbs.  Does anyone know the correct light bulb part # for these?

3 - Each switch has an extra wire coming out of the corner near the switch motor.  I'm guessing this is a modification to run the motor from accessory power instead of track power.  How can I tell?

4 - How hard is it to modify the 222 for an anti-derailing feature like the 222?

5 - I'd be interested in taking the switch apart to see how it is wired inside.  Can it be taken apart easily to see this and then be reassembled?

Thanks for any help.





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  • 222 left
  • 222
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1 the pins will work O gauge not O 27.

2 18 volt screw. covers are available usual sources for this stuff.

3 ground it and hook that wire to common and see if it works.

4 easy insulated rail section on the turnout and straight sections in front. then run a wire to one of the 2 outside common posts.

5 as long as you are not bending tabs.

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