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I picked up a cheapo Lionel 2757X cabin car on eBay recently. Yes, it's hard for some of us to pass these beauties up. The lettering is pretty good and the only issues are one coupler needs a hood, it needs a new sliding shoe, it needs window inserts for the 2 missing on the body and for all in the cupola, it needs new wiring and bulb and it was missing its cupola. Luckily, a visit to my cabin car parts box yielded an extra cupola, although it is red instead of tuscan.  So, at one point, I'll be painting that. 

Here are some pictures to start with. I'll post updates when I can. Feel free to post any cabin car projects you worked on. 




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and while looking thru the box all of us have with the 20 dozen SP caboose shells with broken roofs, I cut some good corners off a few and made complete ones. I scrounged a lighted base for the first one, a piece of drinking straw for the top of the broken stack.


This is a N5C IC Cabin Car that was in a $20 bag of cars at a show.a trip to the paint shop reveled it's true identity....


and a $7  frame,missing the cabin but had both tool boxes bought at another show for the trucks. I had a cabin shell (broken corner of course)in the parts bin, and it got rebuilt and a trip to the paint shop.



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That Crestline is a good looking PRR N5 model! a little closer to scale size. But I do like the 2757 and variants, I bought up a bunch of beaters to repaint in previous Yorks, one on line with the later PRR lettering and black roof.

Next will be an N8 made up from a couple of N5C beaters. (N5C is the porthole caboose, N8 was a little longer, with a slightly shorter cupola than the N5C, and square windows. MTH made a good model of it as well.


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