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I recently got my hands on one of 3rd Rail's beautiful N&W K-2a locomotives. From the looks of the packaging, it may very well be unused. When I opened the shipping box, it still had the receipt/shipping invoice from Scott Mann addressed to the dealer I bought from inside.

In the little instruction booklet that comes included, it recommends taking out the 9v battery for long-term storage. Since I am running with TMCC/Legacy I don't need the 9v battery, and because it's possibly been ten years since that battery was installed I think I should probably take it out and put electrical tape over the terminals. Here's my problem, I've looked over the tender and cannot find a screw or another way to get to the battery. The manual doesn't explicitly say either. Any ideas on how to get to the battery?

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@Norton posted:

Typically the screws are very small located in the corners of the frame. You remove the shell from the frame. If you are looking for a small door the size of a battery thats not how they are installed. Batteries are rarely shipped with the engines so don’t be surprised if you don’t find one in the tender.


That's what I first checked, but there's nothing there. There is a screw holding each of the tender trucks in place, but they are the only ones I see. As for the batteries themselves, the manual says that one battery comes factory-installed, so I want to get to it before I run the K2 on my layout.

I know I could reach out to Scott but I feel bad bugging him about maintenance for an old product I didn't purchase directly from him, so I am hoping to find an answer on here first.

I read an article about the 3rd Rail K2 and it says the battery is definitely in the tender. There were no clear photos of the bottom side of the tender, so I couldn’t see any screws that would be holding the floor to the body.

The K2 is a relatively recent model, so I don’t think 3rd Rail would have an issue with just addressing a question about their product…


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