3RD RAIL Sunset AC4400CW C44-9W Late 1996

hi as some may know i purchaced a 96/97 TM 3RAIL PRICE GUIDE last year and there is a lot of cool stuff in there

i saw listings in the 3RD RAIL / SUNSET section for a C44-9W and AC4400CW 

were these ever produced because i am really curious about the AC4400 specifically the SP version or if they made a CNW one later down the road

if you do have one can make a short video so i can hear the sound set and see it in action

my book has no pictures of these locomotives


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They did make the CNW ones. I have sen them for sale in 2 rail but not 3 rail. I have seen santa fe and SP in 3 rail for sale. They are nice locos but a project to brin up to todays standards for operation with upgraded TMCC and sound

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