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Hi, I am looking for a fastrack layout to fit into a 5'x9' space. I wish it to have an elevated part and a reversing loop. Please include a parts list and a diagram. It should include 036 and/or 031 curves with 036 switches. Thanks in advance for any assistance. I want to make a (permanent, as if anything is permanent in this hobby) Christmas layout. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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Hi Jeff. My first O gauge layout was a 5 x 9. It was O36 atlas track, five 036 switches, reversing loop but it did not have elevated track. But an elevated track loop independant of the lower track could be done. I will draw it out for your consideration. I really liked that layout and it provided many enjoyable hours of switching.

Edit: Fwiw attached is a crude sketch from memory, 1990s! I liked the look of the siding coming off the main loop as drawn. I ran an MTH PRR consolidation with a box car, gondola, and cabin car. Hope you enjoy your project.



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