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There is a new article in a Roanoke newspaper about that the new Amtrak policy could halt 611 excursions but the article says that they are trying to work with Amtrak for an exception. VMT actually submitted an excursion schedule to Amtrak before the ban took effect. I believe they wanted to shoot for fall excursions. The new VMT director is Lisa Sphar. Bev and Wick would be disappointed if the new heads at NS and Amtrak didn’t allow excursions with 611 after all the hard work that went into restoring the 611.


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611 has been in Spencer since late last year and ran in under her own power via NS. She is currently receiving staybolt / firebox work that my sources tell me will take til early Summer to complete. After that it's up in the air as most folks are aware of. 



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