My 17 year old son Wyatt and I had a great time on this Convention, thanks to all the TCA NETCA and all the volunteers who made it possible.

We took the Amtrak Acela from Baltimore to Providence on Tuesday, ran through the Hell Gate bridge for the first time. We didn’t rent a car, we took the TCA tour bus everywhere. Nice not driving for a week. 

Went to the Red Sox game Tuesday night, first time at Fenway, wow, like stepping back in time 100 years, nice comfortable night, good seats too. Big win for the Sox, 9-1, with 4 home runs. Price pitched.

SWedneday we did the Light House cruise on Narragansett bay, a great sunny day in the 70’s, great being out on the water. Nice narrated tour, we learned a lot about the history of the area. Saw Newport from the water, lots of expensive homes and yachts, beautiful area. The tour then included a stop at the SeaBee museum which was interesting. Wedneday night we were pretty wiped so room service and early to bed.

Thursday was the Mystic Seaport and Aquarium tour. Mystic was stormy with lightning, so the ships were closed. There was plenty else to see there. The Mystic Aquarium was great, we saw the only Beluga whale in New England. Also luminescent jelly fish, piranha, and giant crabs. We got back to the hotel and had 10 minutes to change and board the next bus to the Boston Dinner Cruise. The cruise was great, good food had the braised short ribs, sat with friends and made some new ones. After dinner we went up on deck for some air, beautiful night and sights.

Friday was three layout tours, I was very impressed, all three had great collections. Marty Visnick really stood out for the size of his collection and unique early Standard Gauge locos. Bolger had some very nice Standard Gauge locos he ran for us. Lew Schneider ran some neat old clockwork engines. 

Saturday was looking at the Hotel layouts, very nice, liked the street car hitting four stations on auto pilot, double helix, and the little layout with tinplate O gauge, lots going on on a little space. Saturday night was the banquet. Diner was followed by a live auction and table prizes for all, I was lucky to win the Convention car, a Lionel Mermaid Oyster boxcar. My son also got a nice convention cap and American flag for our layout.

Sunday we Ubered (first time, half the price of the cab!) back to Providence then the Acela back to Baltimore.

We had a great time. Saw two Forumites, Dave (mikatt1) and Stu Rankin. If you have never done a Convention, you should try it. The TCA gets really good group room rates and tour rates, it makes the trip a real bargain.

Next year is Albuquerque. 

If you were at the convention, please add to this thread and make your own comments.

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Craig, nice meeting you. That oyster boxcar is nice, I wish I would have won one . The prototype at the auction went for about $250 . My wife and I had a great time. The only thing we didn't like was the very long bus rides to and above Boston. We also went to the Red Sox game but our seats were terrible. They must have known we are Yankee fans!

Find the batter's box in this photo!







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Did you go to Fenway with the TCA, or on your own? We were in section 31.

HEAVY traffic up there, glad I wasn’t driving. Glad the bus’ had good AC unlike the old GMC bus from the Pittsburgh Convention, we had three tours on that sucker.

When I heard it was a Mermaid car, I thought it might be a Disney “Little Mermaid” Aquarium car. Was pleasantly surprised and relieved when I opened it up back at the room.

I think we were also in section 31 but that pole by my seat  really blocked my view of the batter. I was lucky there was a tv that I could see from my seat, which kind of defeats the purpose of going to a live game.





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