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For sale are a set of 18" Amtrak phase IV aluminum Superliner cars.  I will only sell these together.  These cars are far better that MTH or K-Line Superliners.  These have the true look of the prototype.  This price is a bargain. 4 coaches, 1 Sleeper, 1 Sightseer Lounge, and the Station Sounds Dining Car.  I also have two partial cars for parts I will include.  I was going to have a car shops with these parts cars as a part  of a scene.  Don't miss out!  I am only selling as I am converting to an all 21" roster.

4 pack of Coaches, #6-15394

2 pack Sightseer Lounge Cafe & Sleeping Car "District Of Columbia."  #6-29165

1 Station Sounds Dining Car #6-29168

The cars are in excellent condition and ran briefly.  Cars have authentic  tinted windows, interiors, passengers, aluminum contstruction, phase IV Amtrak graphics. This is a very great price for this Amtrak consist.  20240302_21430120240302_21435920240302_21422420240302_21451920240302_21425220240302_21462620240302_214750


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  • 20240302_214301
  • 20240302_214359
  • 20240302_214224
  • 20240302_214519
  • 20240302_214252
  • 20240302_214626
  • 20240302_214750
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