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The only other center cab is as I'm sure you know, the Lionel postwar and all its decedents.  This does have the general lines of a phase 3 80 long ton.  The doors are all wrong as far as qty.  The Lionel and Williams have incorrect Blomberg trucks as well.  If you started with a late Lionel you would have correct looking trucks and a complete re detail.

I would use WBB 44 tonners and cut and splice.  It won't be easy but?? and then you have to add ERR controls if you want command control.  The MTH are cast and would be harder to work and more expensive.  It will take two.

I did it in G scale once.

I have the cores to do this with WBB units, this amongst the multiple other projects I have on the list.

If you are doing the late ballasted 65 ton version the 44 ton is close, you can add an air compressor doghouse and be close.  Depending on how picky you want to be, the 44s have ladders and no end platforms, the 80s have steps and end platforms if you would be so inclined to build them out.

Lets see your results.

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