This forum has become so expansive I am not sure where layout videos are found, and I don't know if this has been shown before. I don't recall reading about this layout in the magazines, and I've been a subscriber for a long time. I found Dr. Jack Fisher's very nice - make that exceptionally nice - layout on YouTube, and credit to Dr. Jack and Mr. Muffins videos. Dr. Jack seems a very nice man, and shares an affinity for the Milwaukee Road.

Introduction to Dr. Fisher

Working the Yard

I found other videos of Dr. Jack's amazing layout, and will post them if there's interest.


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Thanks Paul.  

This is a fantastic period modeled layout! I heard about Dr. Jack Fisher years ago when visiting a train shop over in Franklyn Tn. He is probably not far from me as well.

Have to get together one day.



Dr. Jack Fisher (plastic surgeon) is something of a legend here in Nashville for his very stunning custom layout built by himself and Kent Cooper, a noted local layout designer/builder. Jack is also known for his excellent modification of Lionel and MTH passenger cars by lowering the bodies of passenger cars to their trucks and also prototypical close coupling of said cars with their diaphragms connecting. He also modifies buildings, accessories and model road vehicles with special detailed lighting. His awesome layout includes a multi-track custom built passenger trainshed that has to be seen in person to fully believe. His outdoor G gauge layout is also quite an achievement. He is a very warm and unpretentious host at his frequent legendary open houses here in Nashville. Jack has also been actively involved in the ongoing restoration of  4-8-4 NC&StL 576, and is a board member of this Nashville steam project. A true gentleman and expert train hobbiest!

vita sine litteris mors est  (Seneca)

As noted above, Dr. Fisher has been very instrumental in the on-going restoration effort on the 576. I was there when it was moved out of Centennial Park to live track on the Nashville and Western. I was there again when it was moved to Kayne Avenue Yard, next to Union Station. To say that it was quite an event would be an understatement. It was a great privilege to witness it in person. Dr. Fisher deserves the lion's share of the credit for pushing this project forward like he has.  

Dr   Jack is an exceptionally talented and friendly person. He has shared his layout to many visitors and each time I return there is even more added to this layout. He and his wife have hosted train parties over the past several years. Always enjoyed visiting and having a wonderful day.

His and Kent's contributions to the train layout at the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University Hospital are also legendary here in Nashville, TN, and are much appreciated in our community! We are very fortunate to have both Dr. Fisher and Kent Cooper as Nashville residents. Kent's workshop is located in my neighborhood, and he is a craftsman of the first order! I am proud to call Kent a friend and fellow train enthusiast since 1974, a span of over four decades!

vita sine litteris mors est  (Seneca)

Hi Paul, thank you for your kind words about our friend Dr. Jack Fisher and his extraordinary model railroad. If you would, hop over to the “What did you do on your Railroad today” thread, and add your you tube videos, thus would help show folks this amazing layout.  It’s a really well thought out plan, great scenery, all MTH, Legacy Command.  It’s a Wow. Happy Railroading 

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