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Wow is right!!  Love to see an operating video and track plan for your massive layout.  Incredible how you managed to connect all the levels.

I have two, but a solid steel girder prevents ever connecting the two.




I had to drop under the soffit in the center of the train room, which houses a dual steel beam, one I added in order to remove a column, and the cold air return duct. 

So, I measured 6.5” under the obstacle, then worked the rise from there up to where I needed it to run-like where the LED Zeppelin poster is-


You can see all my videos on YouTube-from the first MESSY to the current MESSY

My Railroad is called



Which locally is called “the MISS C”, but local slang changed it to “the MESSY”, or “the MESS” for short.  That’s my Railroads mythical history    

I also made up the OSHA

the O Scale Hobby Association-which are rules I live by,

I have two requirements on every layout I build.
1. A minimum of two main lines for continuous running
2. Access between all main lines so that any rolling stock can be set out any where.
Also, the OSHA RULES, I just made up. State that all model railroad operations shall be prototypical, and that any space required to attain prototypical operations must be surrendered to the needs of the model railroad.  This rule is necessary because of the OSHA Rules on RATIO OF TRAINS TO TRACKAGE..which shall be less than 2%.
These are the rules.
And no woman has the authority to oppose them.
Any woman that complains must count all her shoes, and every color variation of mascara, powder and polishes they own.
It's like when a witch is after you.  You give them a Bible..they have to count every word, before they can cast a spell on you...naturally they can't do it quickly, so you have time to escape.  
Also, no woman can just count their shoes or makeup...they have to try them on...and they get distracted from you and your railroad construction...just be quiet during demolition as your putting tunnels through walls.



 Enjoy and thanks-it’s nice to have ones work admired and appreciated 

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