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It is with great sadness that I announce that starting today Aaron's City Trains will be having a going out of business sale.  After five memorable and rewarding years serving some of the most incredible customers anyone could ask for we must enter our final chapter.  


Anyone who shops with us will receive an extra 10% OFF our already reduced prices while supplies last.  If you shop on-line you must enter promo code THANKYOU10 to take advantage of this offer.


We would like to thank all of our loyal supporters over the years.  We hope to stay open until Christmas this year but we will see how long our supplies last.


Thank you all!



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That's really a shame.  That place has had a very long connection to the hobby from it's predecessor days as Glenn's train shop.  hate to think of just how long it had been there before these last five years with Aaron.  The new owners were certainly nicer to deal with than Glenn Uhle had been. 


Good luck in what else you may do, Aaron.


Paul Fischer

Thank you for your kind messages.  Yes, the shop was open over 50 years in total.  It is such a shame to not have it continue in the Akron, Ohio community.  I particularly took a liking to all the great tinplate trains that were being reissued and it was nice to build a new customer base for those specific trains in the country.  We will miss working with all of you.  Please let us know if we can help you with anything while we are still here.


Reminder guys…..  It will probably take us a couple of months to liquidate all of our inventory so in the mean time please come check us out and see if we have what you've been looking for.  An additional 10% OFF of our already reduced prices while supplies last.  That's about 16% OFF of everything!  Just use promo code THANKYOU10 at checkout.  Or feel free to call us and we will be happy to process your order over the phone.





Wednesday: 11-1

Thursday: 11-4

Friday: 11-4



Originally Posted by jim sutter:


I believe there will always be brick and mortar train stores. All it takes is someone with a lot of determination, a lot of desire and a lot of dedication. 

Then why do so many stores go out of business and so many people say they would never open a hobby store? There was a recent post on this forum about a man asking our opinion on opening up a hobby store. The overwhelming consensus was...DO NOT DO IT. If you can't make an average profit and nobody wants to buy you out when you retire.....then why would you do it???? I believe the end of brick and mortar is near. I am sorry for the doom and gloom.

Originally Posted by jim sutter:


A good train shop owner does it, because they love it. That means, a lot of devotion and sacrifice. If you are willing to eat, sleep and drink the train shop you will make it. If not, go play wiffle ball. 

No surprise here that Jim has nailed it... spot on.  Many businesses are built on labors of love behind the scenes.  And the shop owners could probably NEVER pay themselves for the time, effort and resources REALLY required to run a successful small business... train shops included.



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