ALCO from '91 or '94 brand new but has issues

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I have two of these powered 8112's - the first one acts like old AF to change direction, but the neutral in the middle is silent - the other one only runs in one direction (yes I know about the switch in the bottom) it won't go into neutral and then into reverse ... the screws in these things tend to strip out so I want to learn the problem and fixes if possible before I take it apart - I've had to fix quite a bit of stuff ... part of the fun I guess ... also, I want to run this pair of powered A's back to back, what's the easiest way to do that?  And in both directions ..           Thanks!


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The electronic reverse unit may have failed, I had to replaced an 80's era Alco with a Dalee reverse unit, had no problem since.  I have had success with running multiple diesels with electronic reverse units in each. Just make sure they are all in sequence together, and keep their wheels and track clean!!!


As noted above, it's possible that the reverse units have failed.

BUT before you go changing them out, what transformer are you using? The reason for asking is that some newer electronic transformers never go fully to "off" and therefore never trigger the reverse unit.


I have not had one of the electronic reversing units fail from Lionel although another member in our club did suffer a failure.

Now if you never think that you might go to Legacy or TMCC buying the Dallee may well be your solution, but if you may be looking to go to wireless control I would consider the Cruise Lite from Electric Railroad. It will operate as a reversing unit on a conventional layout. If you later decide Legacy is something you want to do you would not need to pay again to convert this engine. I have put these Cruise Lites in several PAs and am very much an advocate of the Legacy system. The Cruise lite will be more expensive (price about $85.00) but down the road may save you some money.


Hi -

I am limited to original tech - the first 8112 unit works fine and reversed direction like the older stuff (with a neutral), the other 8112 unit from '91 only goes in one direction and doesn't pause in the neutral state, so unless there are different motors in them or different direction switching the second one needs repair.  I'm an EE and have a multi-meter and an oscilloscope etc. I just need to know what I am looking for when I open it up - what do I check or measure, what part might need to be fixed or replaced? Again, I'm not lazy, I just want to learn from others what to check before I tackle things .. my biggest issue so far is screw stripping when putting things back together, I've bought older AF things for my new layout and sometimes 2-3 screws that hold the bottom on are stripped out so I only want to open this thing the one time ... oh, neither headlight appears to light 

I had a problem with my Alco MP. Would while running stop,start shudder and take off. Also had a problem with a GP it stopped being able to go into reverse.

but locos from the same era and the same reverse board. In both cases the trouble was a capicitor on the the board. The leads were not well solered. The cap in question is the (looking at the board on the component side) one in the upper top right corner.gentley try rocking it while checking the solder side. If you see or feel the cap leads move on the solder re solder the leads. This corrected the two troubles is had with the alco and the Gp.


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