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I really appreciate photos of railroad people at work.

The QA&P museum in Quanah, TX features a photo album full of photography of railroad men and women at work on the QA&P property taken candidly by one of the former employees...images that have otherwise never been published in any magazine or online site.  It really brings back a feeling of the days when you were marked up on the board of your home road.


Thank you for all the responses...they are outstanding to all of us.

Some amazing photos here. 


Here are just a few I have taken over the years.  This is just a very small percentage of some of my favorites.  

















But my favorite train photo of all time was taken in March when I took my son to see the 1225 come though Shephard, MI.  It was his 1st time seeing his favorite locomotive in person and we had an awesome day chasing here up to Clare.  




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There's a photo I wish to heck I could find online to put here, but it's in b/w and of a grade crossing with two F or E units coming toward each other with a high-speed running meet, with the RR crossing sign almost exactly between them.

I think the phrase, "Once in a lifetime" doesn't do the photo justice. More like a "Once in a century" shot for all photographers, collectively.

I just wish I could find the shot I'm talking about. For a 'right place and right time' shot, I doubt anyone could ever beat it.

There is a retired ATSF man, Clyde Stickley, from the Amarillo board that documented his territory quite well.  He posts photos from time to time on a Facebook group.  The photo below absolutely stirs my is from a time when it was still  marvelous to be a trainman.

ATSF_caboose brakeman



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Hot Water posted:

I can't see the BNSF allowing us to operate from Portland to Chicago, what with the enormous increase in rail traffic on their north line, i.e. oil trains. Even Amtrak can't operate on time through that territory. Besides, who would fund such a trip on Amtrak again? Plus, what would be the purpose of such a cross-country trip to Michigan ?

Traffic seems to be way down in the Dakotas and Minnesota this year.  I spent a couple of weeks along the old NP line through Montana to Spokane and did not see nearly as many trains as I thought I would last June and again in July.  So, maybe who knows?


Kent in SD

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