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I just received an American Flyer 4000 from Ebay and have a couple of questions. I can't seem to find a good picture of what is supposed to be on the roof of the engine. Mine has a large AF pantagraph, the light housing, and a bell, but there is a 4th hole. Any idea what is supposed to be in the 4th hole, maybe a whistle?  Also I was a little surprised when I turned it over and noticed that the pickup plate says Ives, I'm assuming this could be original?  I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

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Here are some pictures of the roof of my 4000 and the pickup assembly that says Ives on it.DSCN6800


I tought that when Ives went bankrupt Lionel and Flyer both bought parts of the company so, could this be an original part?

That may be a possibility.  The only reason Lionel and American Flyer bought out Ives assets was to basically get their hands on the patent for the drum reverse unit.  Parts and body shells had been mixed and matched for a few years after the joint acquisition.


I haven't pulled it apart yet but there does appear to be 3 fingers that are part of the reversing switch. Did Flyer make a track accessory that would trip this to reverse? If they did would you happen to have a picture?



Yes there was a track attachment which activated this reverse.... called track trip reverse. Ill have to look for one for a picture... screws to track and flips up to engage fingers.

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