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To all our fans out there - we have heard you and we have listened!

Meet our version of a Santa Fe SD24:

(Yes, we know that the Santa Fe didn't have any "high-nose" SD24's as per the MTH model represents,  but they did have a few "low-nose" SD24's in this similar paint scheme - so let's make believe that they could have had these engines.)

Screenshot 2022-08-23 122535

Screenshot 2022-08-23 122843Screenshot 2022-08-23 122933

This Premier engine is tentatively due out 2nd Quarter of 2023.  Equipped with all the PS 3.0 features you are accustomed to.   Sound, smoke, lights and motion!  Price $530.  Available in two road numbers: 981 & 984.  Preorder to reserve yours now!  A deposit of $50 American will be required when placing an order.

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Screenshot 2022-08-23 122418Screenshot 2022-08-23 123108True SD24 SF Low nose


Now accepting orders online:



Images (6)
  • Screenshot 2022-08-23 122535
  • Screenshot 2022-08-23 122843
  • Screenshot 2022-08-23 122933
  • Screenshot 2022-08-23 122418
  • Screenshot 2022-08-23 123108
  • True SD24 SF Low nose
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