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Nick we talked to Scott this morning. He indicated that in general things are going well and that the manufacturers are easier to work with. They are in the midst of their first recession and are not used to it. As a result the steep price incline has leveled off and quality is better.

Mayde he will see this and chime in with more specific information. He did sell an additional Seaboard engine to my wife (me too).

DaveJfr0 posted:

I have pictures and will post them or a link to them at some point.  Includes SD7/9 sample and E8 shell sample. I hope to get to it tomorrow, but we'll see how much time I have.

Info wise:

The SD9's should be here early next month.

The E8's were listed as March 2017 delivery.

The Silver Meteor appears to be a go.

Go Reserve an SD40-2.  Project is doing well.

Thanks for the info-look forward to seeing the photos.


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