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In 2 weeks, I'll be going with my wife and daughter to New Orleans for a cousin's wedding (she's from Chicago, but went to Tulane and fell in love with it there!)

Anyway, the last time I was there was for work and didn't have time to ride the streetcars.  I've always been a fan of traction (in fact, I'm going to add a dedicated line to my HO layout!) and our hotel is right on the Canal Street line!

Who on here has taken the streetcars?  Besides the St. Charles line with the mansions and all, any other recommendations?

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I have ridden on them and there are more than one line on which you can ride, as you know.  I highly suggest taking the one that goes through the Garden District again. As you know, it travels past some wonderful mansions and goes past Loyola University among other places.  The other lines don't have the attraction of the mansions, but they are still interesting, just as trolley rides and for people watching. You still need to remember that these are real transportation systems that people use to get to work, school, visit friends and other activities in daily life.  They are not just tourist attractions, so rush hour is a real phenomenon and the cars can get quite crowded during some parts of the day.

I haven't ridden on the New Orleans trolleys in over a year and miss the experience.  Still have one of the trolley maps in the back of a notebook, though.

Have a good time and enjoy.

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Here's a tip.... Senior citizens only have to pay 40 cents  - so if you are over 65 do not fork out the full fare.

All of the rides are good. I especially like going from the French Market down towards the ferry landing. You will see river traffic and an occasional New Orleans Belt line freight train.

Garden District rides are pretty but you'll see pretty much the same stuff.

They get crowded and are less fun during rush hours.

Take note: There are just over 1,470 great places to eat in NOLA. The rules there is, if you don't serve great food, you don't survive.









I haven't been back since Katrina, but I used to really enjoy my trips to NO and would stay right there at the hotel next to the line, hop a ride to the Quarter, get breakfast at Cafe du Monde - coffee and beignets - and then ride back to the Convention Center for another lovely day in a dark room slides and speakers.....

Growing up in New Orleans we rode the streetcars many times over the years. As a boy, standing in the 'shotgun' front window it was a thrill to watch the conductor as he would swing the huge throttle about 1/3rd around and then as it was moving, he would slam it the rest of the way to full. If I remember correctly, the throttle would start around 2pm position and full was all the way around and up to '12 noon'. Could be mistaken on this one however. I'm going back almost 70 years!

We would be 'tossed' back and forth as she would rock from side to side but the ride was relatively smooth and quiet. He had a foot operated bell that he would stomp repeatedly at motorists as they would cross in front of us, most of them ignoring the hapless trolley. Originally, the trolleys ran almost everywhere throughout the city but as busses became more prevalent, the trolly tracks were pulled or covered with only the ST Charles line operational for many years. It's great that the city has brought back many of them. I haven't been to New Orleans since several years before Katrina as I moved to these western NC mountains in 2004.

What great memories - thanks for this thread!

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Basically there are four street car lines to ride: St. Charles; Riverfront; Canal Street; off of Canal Street is the new Loyola/UPT Line which services AMTRAK and Greyhound terminals. If you intend to ride most of the lines, get a Jazzy Pass which allows you access to all of the lines. Otherwise you need to have exact fare to ride the cars. Go see the trolley barn on the St. Charles Line.

I highly recommend that you go to the Cafe Du Monde (Riverfront Line) for scalded French coffee and biegnets (French donuts). The Riverwalk is nearby (Riverfront Line) and another great experience. Go see the candy being made in the Riverwalk.

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One of my kids goes to Loyola so I'm in NOLA quite a bit. Agree with all of the above. Some great things to do and see. And -- please -- the French Quarter is fine but once you explore the rest of town you may never go back to the Quarter. Lots of "undiscovered" areas to explore.

Btw, before your trip go online and get yourself some passes. I think you can get 3-day passes for a discount.


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Thank you so far for all the great information!  My father-in-law will also be on the trip (it's his side of the family who's cousin is getting married) and he's a train/streetcar fan as well (it makes family get togethers interesting, since me, my dad and my father-in-law are all into trains and traction!

So, he's interested in riding the cars as well!  I'm going to look at how much time we have for things outside of mandatory family things, and then I'll plan what to ride.  I do want to see the new line, and my wife and daughter want to try the St. Charles one for the purposes of seeing the houses and shops.  Our hotel is right on the Canal line, so we've got some great choices!

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