Are you happy with what you have?

scale rail posted:

Arnold, this is the space I have under the house. This shot is before I started the layout. I have plenty of space. DSC_0625DSC_0624Don

And you, Don, with your scuba diving equipment can even expand under the house and have your trains running through tunnels under water.  LOL, Arnold

PS: please post videos when tunnel construction is complete.

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jjames9641 posted:

Very happy, would not mind adding on to the train building though. Just to much of a under taking now. Everything is paid for, zero credit card debt. Cash an carry, no cash no buy!!

That's the only way to do business. I wonder how many others can say that?   WTG James.

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I have plenty of trains to keep me happy till I see the earth from down below. No need to pre-order or buy anything from the latest catalog from any company.

The Lionel wifi caboose will be the first item I ordered from their catalog in about 15 years. I want it as the price is right and it has features that will be cool to show off at a show. After that, no more buying, no need to!

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nope. it's 90% sold off and the rest packed in bins. got to the point where work was too demanding to keep up with the hobby, and family needs meant giving up the layout room. Retiring soon, hoping I can get back to it, but space will not be coming available in the foreseeable future. so.. yeah... nope.

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Ted, you’re just trying to convince yourself. You’re as weak for trains as the rest of us. I know I’ll see you at the York Meet with a full load of trains in the trunk of your car!  

That's not an insult, that is just a fact of life!


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I love the hobby and have since 1966. There is always another engine I would like. However the maintenance becomes too much. So anytime I buy an engine I sell off one .

My biggest issue is time and energy. Being 60 and working 50+ hours a week is becoming too much. Once  I hang it up I’ll get back into it like I want to.



I am very happy with what I have, having sold-off stuff that doesn't "fit".  Looking forward to revisiting with what I have in boxes after we complete this move.  Not to say that I don't have my eye on some accessories;  signals, bridges, buildings, scenery effects & peeps.

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