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Atlas only shows 5 engines on their production schedule, since the F7 fiasco early last year the only engine to come in later in the year was the refinished F7s, at this rate I would  be suprised if more than 2 engines get produced this year and I seriously doubt the MP15 would be one of them,most buyers of the full set Cal Zeps are waiting on the F3s for these trains, this would appear to be the most logical engine to get built. JMO

They have to deliver the F3's next then the Trainman Dash 8's. The GP7's would probably be next. After that it's anyone's guess. I have 2 SD40's ordered and I don't expect to see these before 2020.

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Before Atlas went to monthly only catalogs, the last multi-month catalog was in January of 2017.  That catalog included an RS-11 model in road names desirable to me (Maine Central, DWP, Penn Central, etc.).  The model was surely of Weaver heritage.  So a couple weeks ago I wrote Atlas about it and got a pretty quick response.  The engines will be produced.  She told me to write back in a month or so and she should know an approximate date.  I take the date thing with a grain of salt since they're clearly having trouble keeping to shipping dates but still, am happy that the RS-11 will be produced.


The last official word that I received from Atlas about the MP15DC's after a phone call directly to them in July, 2016,   was that "they will be produced,  but not at least until sometime in 2017".   Around the same time,  Dave Minarik of Mercer Junction was also told by Atlas that they will be produced but not anytime soon.    Since this is almost the 2nd qtr of 2018,  don't hold your breath.    Try calling Atlas directly and see what they tell you.


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Please take my advise and forget about waiting for Atlas to reissue an MP15 diesel switcher - trust me it won't happen anytime soon. I think a better option is to find an Overland Models OMI MP15 (ac or dc version) imported a few years ago in brass. Yes the brass version costs more money but their out there and I think the detailing is better than Atlas can offer in a plastic model. How do I know all this - simple - I waited and waited for Atlas to import one for several years and finally gave up hoping. I then decided waiting was no longer a realistic option and went ahead and purchased an OMI SP MP15 2 years ago - no regrets!

prrhorseshoecurve posted:

YEs the MP15 has the same horizontal drive as the Sw Atlas O switchers. I was hoping to see a Conrail unit. They are tough to find!

I also want a Conrail cab-end switcher. I have three undecorated SW's on order .... I'm going to do at least one of them in Conrail. It's a solid color, and the markings are relatively simple. Microscale makes decals for them. Scalecoat makes Conrail blue in small spray cans, but it appears to be the lighter shade, I prefer the darker one. I'll see.

It will be my first paint/decal job on an engine. Hope it doesn't turn out like crap. lol.

Come on, Atlas.... lets get these engines shipped! 

We definitely need a scale wheeled switcher.  Would be nice if MTH upgraded their tooling as well..  Might even be a better play to produce SW-1000 body variants including the SW-1200 and SW-1500 with the newer tooling and scale wheels?


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Even though I have 15 Atlas SW switchers and use everyone (we run every week) I would still buy more if MTH brought out one that ran as good as an Atlas SW.

Yes I agree Mike we definitely need a good slow running switcher in 2-Rail even better if it sold for around $350-$400. Roo.

Interesting the RS11/15 is not even on the current production list, I guess that puts the SD40 into 2020 my reservation dealer and Mr Muffin had both mentioned in early Dec that the Tman GEs were the next to finally go into production, looks like a late 2Q delivery on these if they finally deliver. JMO

emdalco01 posted:

Well here it is straight from the horse's mouth. Could be a long wait for an MP15 or SW.

I can confirm this information, Atlas told me the same thing a few weeks ago.  I had an undec MP15DC on order for almost two years, and I’d like to get the project I need it for done before I’m chewing my soup. I ended up cancelling my preorder and finding what I needed used. 

Ken in Chicago

Could [will] be a long wait , welcome to the reality of Atlas O motive power production, if anything it has gotten worse instead of better it is obvious they have serious problems with their builder and not surprising they are talking about a different builder for the VO 1000. JMO

Roo, They're all still here. All in different states. As far as for the switchers, the 2 TMCC equipped are probably the best with the NYC next.

I've never shipped that far and don't think it would be worth it?

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I would like that EL SW if you still have it and could pay you by Paypal.

I could give you an address in the USA to send it to.

Let me know what you have and the prices I am only interested in the Atlas SW's that are motorized.

I rewire all my Locomotives myself so I don't care if the wiring is not there as long as the motor is not burnt out.

I am honest and a fair person and lots of O scalers know me in the USA.

Call me on

Thanks Roo.  

Tom weaver posted:

Are these former K-Line MP -15s?

No.  This is Atlas tooling.  They offer mp15dc's in HO and N, and I'm presuming that they chose to produce the loco in O scale because they could leverage their R&D efforts for the HO model to reduce development costs.


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