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We Bought the last of the 3-rail versions from Atlas O, and there are still some 2-Rail left we can order.

WP and Santa Fe are already sold out. I have a couple PC left to sell, and several of the rest. Two road numbers each.

Now  is the time to order yours before they are all gone!

They're still discounted on our website or give us a call at 317.569.1999. 







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burlwest posted:


Is there any update on the shipping of the Chicago and Northwestern O Trainman 60 ft. passenger and observation cars?

Had hoped to have these before Christmas.


Chic Thoms

No Chic, I will call and ask on Monday. I know Atlas received containers of track last week and they were busy sorting that stuff to ship. 

burlwest posted:


Is there any update on the shipping of the Chicago and Northwestern O Trainman 60 ft. passenger and observation cars?

Had hoped to have these before Christmas.


Chic Thoms

We are hoping these ship from China before the factory closes for Chinese New Year.  We have been receiving samples, so they are in production.


Also just put the battery(I checked the voltage first) in this morning since I am not using TMCC, according to the instructions it mentions to install the battery. I had to move some of the wires out of the way to install the battery and remove the silver bracket and re-install it to get some wires out of the way along with cutting the tie-wrap and installing a new tie-wrap.

One small question abut the mounting screws that came in the packaging, do I need to install these again or not? They hold the black plastic shipping box in place.

Lee Fritz

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Lee you can if you have TMCC base or legacy base hooked to the MTH TIU. It tells you in the manual you have to use uncoupler track uncouple from the train car no way to open coupler on engine without cab1 and tmcc base etc. and also found something out too the smoke unit turns itself off if runs out of smoke fluid then you add smoke fluid then comes back on and too not sure i think when engines sits idle the smoke turns off to after so long too. Also you don't have to use the screws but won't stay in place very good i put only two back in mine and one screw work fine as well.    

chessie1971 posted:

Also guys take note you can't turn the smoke unit off and on with Lionel Cab1L or Cab2 on the U23B but you can boost smoke unit with 9 key so if you want turn smoke unit off you have turn switch off underneath of front truck.  

Chessie, you can't turn the smoke unit off with the remote on a modern-day command-equipped locomotive?  Really?  Something just doesn't sound right about that!

I wonder if this was just a design/engineering oversight, or a really poor intentional decision by the folks at Atlas?  And I'm also wondering if the Trainman RS3 I have on pre-order will be built the same way?

Thanks for the heads up...and enjoy your new engine!  Will you be posting any pics or videos?

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catnap posted:

I think the 2016 All Scales Catalog (January-June) comes out this weekend at the Amherst Train Show. Of course, the January announcement has already been made.

You are probably right on that I had forgotten that Atlas has a booth at that show, I have been to that show twice and it is a really excellent all around train show unfortunately at nearly 5 hrs each way it is not worth it any more for me.Just saying.

Basically, Atlas shipped us all of the 3 Rail engines they had left - they are sold out..... we are still offering these at our pre-order discount plus free shipping.

I still have a few extras of these in stock. 

  • Both numbers C&O
  • Both numbers PC
  • Both numbers Chessie
  • Both numbers Reading and Northern
  • One WP - #2258

I have been able to get some additional 2 rail units. They're selling at $225 plus shipping. Let me know if you want a 2 Rail and I will try to get you one!


If they did this engine as a Master Line I would probably get one.

I just ordered a Lionel LEGACY Chessie GP9 from Charles Ro that should arrive in the spring plus I have 2 Lionel LEGACY Chessie SD40's from the 2015 Signature Edition catalog that are supposed to be delivered next month according to the shipping schedule. These 3 engines will do it for my big ticket model train purchases this year and probably the foreseeable future.

I'm sure these Trainman U23B's are nice. They should be after 3 years in the works.

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