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Got the email from Atlas today and quickly looking through the catalog thought awesome, modern D signals and even a modern signal bridge.  Then I noticed HO.  So they are finally out with the BLMA stuff they bought several years ago but nothing new for O Scale, bummer.

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I'm a bit concerned about their projected price points per signal. While I like the detail of the signals, the memory of losing two of them to a jack-knife derailment is still fresh in my mind.

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I did bend the ear of the Atlas rep at this years Trainfest in Milwaukee about "new" signals in O.   Be patient.....they are receptive to our input, unlike in years past with Kimble running the R & D Dept at Atlas.   There are some nice things in the pipeline according to the gentleman I talked to.

I see this as a big gap, as Atlas has promised D style signals for years , with plans from BLMA from their HO Scale versions seems like a natural opportunity to reduce some cost around offering the common modern variations, including the signal bridges.   Would be an awesome product to bring to the market with their new control board!

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