Question for MTH: Auto Train, why no more cars made?

A number of years ago MTH produced an Auto Train car carrier and a switcher locomotive for the original Auto Train of the 1970s. I purchased these auto racks expecting passenger sets to follow.  Years went by and nothing else was made.  I eventually sold my autotrain car carriers to a forum member.  The MTH pax car sets are perfect for an Autotrain consist.  They could offer multiple extra full dome cars with different numbers.  Question for MTH, how about revisiting this idea and cataloging the passenger cars along with another run of carriers and some GE Uboats?   There can also be an extended vision caboose made which would approximately look like the ones autotrain had.


MTH, what happened?  How about trying this again with complete sets?

You had the colors and graphics exactly right on!  Such a shame this was not followed through.

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I have a few of car Carriers. I never got the Baldwin though. I grew up near Lorton VA and remember the train loading there. Under Amtrak it was the first train to get the Genesis engines in the early 1990's. Somewhere I have some literature and ephemera from them as well. 

I agree this is a swing and a miss from MTH. A set with a U36b, two full domes and a carrier would be a great colorful starter set. Add ons of carriers and domes would be great sellers. I bet people would by multiple sets to get closer to the real consist. 

Ill order one or two sets if they ever make one. 

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Maybe this post won't get me shouted down by experts.

briansilvermustang posted:

i will take some full dome cars to go with my car carriers.......

My suggestion to MTH would be a 5 car standard set that they generally offer.  Regular add on sleeper-diner  in both smooth and ribbed, and multiple added full domes with different numbers.  An extended vision caboose which would approximate the odd caboose auto-train used.  Another run of carriers. And of course a pair of U boats.

The book about the auto-train is fantastic!  Really a great book with lots of color pics and real info on the workings of that train.  Wish I could have been part of that history, either as a passenger or worker.  


Still wondering why the MTH auto carrier only offered?  It seems I have better odds of hearing from distant planets than a response from MTH.


We know that MTH posts on this forum and there are these specific threads for MTH.  Why not answer a simple question about products you started to offer?  Merely suggesting finishing the production of items here.  

In the future MTH will blame declining sales on the hobby in general, but it will be much your own fault for lousy customer interaction and product support.  Customers who have spent as much on your products as many of us have, should not be ignored.  Neither when we ask questions, request products, or have problem plagued items like the Turbotrains.

Improve your customer relations MTH, or watch your own demise.  

I think MTH rarely visits these forums, I don't understand at all why they did a whole flurry of forums for MTH when they have virtually no presence here.  Lionel has several regular posters, yet they don't have any dedicated forum sections.

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