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Love it!  However, the puritans residing on other internet forums barely recovered from the “red light district” thread. What do you want to do, send them into another tizzy, LOL!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed'... Miller, is a sponsor.  Not every forum member receives news letters from the many sponsors.  So this is actually informative'.. besides being a cute novelty item'...

I'll second Artie's comment, continues to be a great thread, and it's become my favorite thread on the goes without saying that I like cars, but my $$$ is in the

Yes I like trucks just Crazy about them but my big bucks are invested in my trains. I’m glad my Collection of Power and Rolling stock is about done. Now I have to concentrate on Buildings and landscaping. 🙃

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@mike g. posted:

Ted, great scene and not to sound sexist, but isn't that alot of power for the ladies to be cruising around town with! LOL

Hey Mike, the women's POWER movement started in the mid 50s.. And it  started with fast powerful cars'... My mother bought a 1956 Buick Roadmaster rag top'.. big V-8 under the hood.  She had a heavy foot , and got stopped plenty for speeding... She told my  Dad, women should have the same type of cars as men.  Not VW bugs'... as many women had in those days'...   😍

When I was a kid visiting my maternal grandmother in Worcester, Massachusetts, we would see "old style" GM buses in a green and ecru (off-white) color on June Street, just yards from her house.  Every so often, Grandma Leamy would take the Trailways bus from Worcester to New York City where we would meet her at the Port Authority Bus Terminal for the trip to our NJ home.  When I saw the Trailways bus from MTH and the Worcester Bus Company bus from Corgi, I just had to get them to create a scene on my last layout.  My mom got a kick out of seeing her hometown's bus!



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@Artie-DL&W posted:

Great modeling, Ted. Everything, the streets, cars, pedestrians all look realistic.

Thanks very much Artie'.. The first model train forum I joined, made fun of us O Gaugers.  It was an all HO group.  There layouts were near perfect in most cases. I was the only O Gauger.  I was determined to make my O Gauge theme look just as good as the HO competitors.  I must admit I learned quite a bit from those guys, and applied it to detailing my scenes and structures to that level of prototypical realism.  All most all my figures are retouched, or completely hand painted.  I have yet to see any HO figures that compare to O as far as details go.  They're just to small... If you look at the work Santiago, on this forum, does with his O scale Golden Gate cars, O scale and O Gauge, can be just as realistic and then some as any highly detailed HO system....

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