I'm going to get one of these Baldwins for sure!
Darn shame they’re doing the post-WW1 paint job as OD green as they weren’t painted like that. They were black with those markings. And notice the shorty Army cars.
Man how I wish they’d make the standard length cars with those markings, as I’d probably buy a few of those. I have no need for shorty cars. But then again, I already made my own Army boxcars, and don't need more.
The OD green boxcars look odd as cars didn’t usually come in OD green until the 1950s.
I'll be getting the 2-6-2T as black undec and adding my own Army markings when I'm able to buy one...

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Pilot models spotted at the NMRA train show this week...

IMG_9436IMG_9437 [1)

Man, that OD green is so wrong for this...

Why can't Bachmann get the builders plates right? It's a negative image of what it should be, same as on ALL the plates on their On30 locomotives.


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