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Is this the Lionchief plus Hudson.

There are 3 possibles that might have turned the sound off,or real low.

The on off switch,volume controlled by the remote or app.


  • Conventional AC transformer control mode or LionChief® wireless remote control with AC or DC power
  • ElectroCoupler™ on rear of tender (controlled by remote or App)
  • Operating headlight
  • Synchronized fan-driven smoke
  • On/Off switches for sound and smoke
  • RailSounds RC™ sound system with steam chuffing and background sounds, whistle, bell, and useractivated announcements
  • Adjustable volume (controlled by remote or App)
  • Speed control for consistent speed at all ranges regardless of track condition or load
  • Flickering firebox
  • Chuffing sounds in sync with puffing smoke
  • Powerful maintenance-free motor
  • Die-cast metal locomotive body, frame, and trucks
  • Die-cast metal tender body and trucks
  • Metal frame on tender
  • Engineer and fireman figures (no figures in Berkshire)
  • Traction tires

I had the same problem with my LC+ Hudson- model 6-81301.  Hope it might help.

here was my post.  Good luck.

I did notice on my LC+ Hudson that about a year after I got it the sound would at times cut off for a split second here and there around the track.   I took a look and I ended up checking out the wires that connect the speaker on the tender to the the draw bar connector.   There are 3 wires (small short solid wires) from the draw bar, each wrapped separately with an insulator sleeve that together are bundled and wrapped together with a thicker rubber sleeve before exiting individually into the tender and the speaker.  I removed the outer sleeve and I notice each the inner sleeves just seems to connect the wires.  I gently tugged on each one individually and the one to  the left came right out of the sleeve.  I re-soldered the longer wire from the speaker to the short stiff wire from the draw bar connector, used some shrink tubing and it was good as new.   Now the sound never cuts out anymore. 

Technically this is a design flaw not a quality control issue.  Using a simple insulator sleeve to couple or join wires together without a soldered connection is probably a cost saving method built into the design.  It  has a slightly higher likelihood of failure...but again it only happened on 1 of 3 wires in my tender.  I can see that someone who didn't bother to look for this or couldn't guess where the problem was might just send the unit back for repair, but the repair was only a 10 minute fix.    I'm still a big fan of the Lionchief plus product for what it does and what it offers. 

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