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A Memorial Membership has been made to honor Barry by:

  • Marty Eibeck (MartyE)
  • Don Klose  (dk122trains)
  • Chris Bojanower (cbojanower)
  • John Xenides (Captain John)
  • William Sherry (JPLoco)
  • Stanley Gitler (Stangtrain)
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Barry and I would talk at York and even sometimes by email and phone to discuss our respective User Group's meetings.  I attended a few of the DCS meetings and Barry a few Legacy meetings.  I always appreciated Barry's advice on meeting planning and his knowledge of all things DCS.  I own all of his books in e form and used them often when helping at the shop.

It was an honor to support the forum in his name after all he has given to the hobby.

Has the pleasure of attending several of Barry's seminars. The first one he picked me out and razed me hard. I swore to never return. Saw him later in the York show and he came up and talked to me and I ask him about the razing to a simple question. His answer was if it didn't physically hurt you but helped you in knowledge so you won't forget what is the problem. Too shaa. I got it and we became good friends. Loved talking with him and his knowledge was beyond what anyone could imagine. Bought all his books and bought them in PDF form. What a guy. I think of him a lot and truly miss him and all his knowledge. If something stumped him he would figure it out and get back to you. But heaven help you if you ask a STUPID question. He would answer it but you would know your own stupidity!

Barry - Thanks for all the lessons!

Lots of fond memories of Barry. We used to correspond all the time after I started as a beta tester for DCS. Barry was light years ahead of me in knowledge regarding DCS, I learned so much from him.

It was always fun when he'd find an issue with a new update we were testing as he'd want me to try to duplicate it to see if it was a real issue or on his end. Most of the time it was a real issue.

He talked me in to going to York in 2005. We both flew in to Baltimore and shared a rental for the trip. It was great to have a personal guide for my first and only York trip. It was also a real treat meeting so many forum users at the OGR dinner.

York was a blast, met Mike Wolf. Talked with Jason and several others from MTH at that time. Fond memories all around!

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