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A bit of legal question here.

Barry Broskowitz's books on the DCS system are extremely well written, and he often referred directly to them with content quoted directly from the book and the corresponding page numbers.

I never felt that I really had right to do this as it was his book and I should have permission before re-posting that info. Besides, Barry was usually pretty good about finding those DCS topics and doing this for everyone.

In Barry's passing (RIP), what are the rules for posting info from his books here on the forum. Obviously we don't want people pasting the book(s) in their entirety, but it is still nice to have those tidbit excerpts that he posted to help someone out with a particular situation. Perhaps an OGR admin can chime in with their opinion.



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IMHO, in terms of legality, as long as you're not using his book(s) for your own commercial purposes, there's nothing inherently wrong or unlawful about quoting excerpts from his book by posting on the Forum in trying to help or respond to someone's question, e.g., "The answer to your question, O.P., is to place the ……… in line with the …….. and use 14 gauge …….., per the DCS Companion 3rd Edition at page ……. by Barry Broskowitz, which states, ..………….".

His books are in the public forum and there's nothing illegal about quoting from his books anymore than quoting something from a movie or record or other book in the public forum.

In order to avoid plagerism, you should always make an attribution as to where the information you're giving originally came from, as in the above example and you certainly want to insure that you are not mis-quoting something.

BRIEF quotes, with attribution should not cause a problem.

Barry's books are still fully protected by copyright, and will be for a long time to come.

My advice to anyone using the DCS system and its various components would be to buy the books while they are still available and to keep them in your reference library. It's not at all likely that someone else will come along at any forseeable point in the future to provide anywhere near the comprehensive and exhaustive effort that Barry put into his books. Not sure I know anyone in the hobby with the knowledge and experience to do so even if he or she wanted to.

I have Barry's books, and I agree with Allan, just buy them.  I don't look at them often, but I've used them enough that they're certainly paid for.

I think the key requirement is providing proper credit to where the information was obtained if it's a direct quote.

rtr12 posted:

I agree with the others above, just buy the books! They are well worth the price. Your purchase may also be helping Barry's family out a little too.

Exactly!   $15 is a very small investment for the return we get from the book.

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