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I'm in with @DMASSO.  There was another thread today with basically the same request.  I said I use CRC 05103 QD Electronic Cleaner, available from the major online retailer.  It cleans electronics, and can flush away the caked on grease.  I just bought 6 cans so I don't run out.  Spray can with a red thingy to concentrate it on a spot.  Dries quickly and cleanly IMO.

I recently started using a cleaner called LA's Totally Awesome. Its non-toxic and biodegradable and unlike the above mentioned cleaners, non-flammable. I get it at the Lowe's I work at and have been using it to clean some old, grimy wrenches, my PitBoss smoker and some metal toys I piced up at a garage sale/ (I hope it's not another simple green )

Also I have been looking at a sonic cleaner. They have really dropped in price. I have seen great results cleaning old Harley engine parts using one of these cleaners and water.

@CSXJOE posted:

I second Totally Awesome.  Use it to degrease engines and remove brake dust.  Get it at the dollar store.  Be careful, undiluted will remove some paints and printing.

It's great to remove paint on plastic or metal....have used it many working EX a Lionel f3 down to bare plastic in less then 24 well on Lionel,Williams...not so good on MTH....

@Drummer3 posted:

Hello,  I am rebuilding a few Post war Lionel and AF  engines and need to know how to best degrease the metal parts.

I used to use pure methylene chloride back when it was available; great for grease and oil removal.  Easiest substitution has been good lacquer thinner and not that "green" stuff they push as lacquer thinner.  Too much alcohol in it to work as well as a de-greaser

Would brake fluid work for this?   

Probably not as then you'd have to clean off the brake fluid...

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