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Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything on my layout, but I thought I share its current progress. The layout is 6 by 10 using Atlas  Track, an includes one passing siding, two return loops, an industrial yard, and can run two trains (sharing the track of course), along with a third engine switching in the yard. The ballast is non-clumping/non-scented  cat litter,  along with many of the buildings being from Menards, as well as some classic Lionel accessories.  Fall/Halloween is one of my favourite times of year, hence the fall colours as well as the haunted house.  As far as I know, there is no other layout quite like this, and was made/designed using the free Scarm technology.   I can't thank my friends enough for all their help in making my 1st layout possible!I hope you all enjoy  and keep on railroading!


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I really liked the Blue Comet video especially.

Interesting how modern video will pick up certain types of lights as if they were a strobe light when they do not appear so in real life. Your depot platform light was strobing, as does my Bachmann 'trench' engine's headlights when I shoot video of it for some reason...

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