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Originally Posted by Anthony K:

The bustle and tuyeres look great!  Nice work. Looks pretty accurate to me.


The tueyers are missing from this furnace, but you can see the holes underneath where they connected to the furnace.


That looks like something from a Sci Fi film!!! Is there a tour going on??? Never seen this stuff up close.....would love to!

Nothing else to say but Awesome, now, the question is are you going to mass produce them someday?, cause I'm sure there are several of us that would jump at the chance to put a model of that quality on our layouts.  There are HO kits of Blast Furnaces, but nothing in O, I'd think you have the market cornered, regardless, keep up the outstanding work!

I really like this as a background activity that utilizes railcars. However, it is not the main activity, the trains are the main activity. This is a very convincing diorama, like a farming scene or oil and gas piping scene or electrical substation scene, or a series of highrises etc.

My point is that this is one of several layout focal points. I agree that it is unique. I have not seen or attempted to create a blast furnace anywhere near as nice or as detailed as this one. It is museum quality IMO.

However, at some point there is a vanishing return on the detail that becomes under appreciated. It is up to you to decide when that point occurs.




"I have the HO version from Walthers (too small I know)"  


Actually all you have to do is use a little tweaking and change out the hand rails and walk ways and you have a nice little mill.  Raise the structure up a little so trains can clear and place it against a back wall with the trains in the foreground and the HO one is still very convincing.  I've done a couple for customers this way, mainly because I don't have Dave's scratch building talent!   I just build railroads.  Russ

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