I'm confused. The Lionel ad on pg. 6 of the new (June/July 2019) OGRR magazine says the LionChief App puts you in control, and among the logos shown are Legacy.  But I know of no Layout Control System (LCS) box that provides general Bluetooth control over all Legacy features;  there's an LCS box for WiFi, and SER2, etc., but no general Bluetooth that I know of.  Does Lionel mean just control over Legacy locomotives that themselves have Bluetooth capability?

One other question, while I'm at it: Trying to research this on Lionel's website, at some point they mention that the LionChief App works on any iOS system greater than version 8.  My old iPad uses 9.3.5, but it can't locate the app in the Apple Applications store.  (However, my iPhone 7, using iOS 12.2, is capable of downloading the app.)  So it isn't available to iOS 9.3.5?

Thanks for any help with this.

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"Does Lionel mean just control over Legacy locomotives that themselves have Bluetooth capability?"

Yes it does.

"So it isn't available to iOS 9.3.5"

Have no real information, but from what you state, it should be.  The iOS is obviously identical for phone and iPad and if they say iOS8 this should apply to both.  Might check if the Apple Store app is up to date?

Just a idea sometimes the iPads will differentiate between iPhone apps and actual iPad apps. I know of two iPads with the app but both are on 12.3. So can’t say exactly on 9.3.5 but it “should” be possible. 

I downloaded it to an iPad running 9.3.5   You need to find it in the app store using the iPhone only option.  On mine I did a search in the Apple store for "LionChief".  I didn't find it, but at the top of the page there was now a menu item that said  iPad only.  Changed that in the drop down menu to iPhone only and searched again.  It should find it and you can download it to the iPad.

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