BNSF Brush Subdivision

Continuing a series on efforts behind the viewfinder a contemporary look at the BNSF Sub, the old CB&Q as it leads downgrade east from Denver. It’s an interesting and exciting area to see trains, often a parade 5-10 trains. 

 059C89BB-4744-4E57-92F2-456C782435EELow light on the Brush Sub is great, the lighting can be very dramatic. This shot is by my buddy Howard know as Marker here on OGR! We both enjoy railfanning together  we met right here on OGR.

29788802-154D-4242-A0E8-5D1976A87EC2Home road executive fleet


Grain elevators, sun flowers and sunsets


Wide open spaces 


Beautiful sunsets 


Keenesburg like most of the little towns along I/76 are loaded with vintage structures from a bygone era. The Denver COOP Association stands prominently trackside.


Amtrak’s California Zephyr is a regular visitor and when it’s on the ATCS everyone dives into sidings waiting. Here Amtrak is flying past Barr Lake. 


Keenesburg Curve a favorite for generations of rail photographers 


High stepping intermodal in the very same spot those magnificent Colorado class M4’s used to battle the grades into Denver. 


Congested and busy, the Brush Sub is a vibrant busy route. Worth a look if your in the area. 


At the beginning of all of this is a feast of engineering and structures at the Suncor energy refinery near Sand Creek Junction



Great storm shots in the Spring 

5FE8F2B1-31B2-4A48-922E-BAACE6704531And mountains! 

6E2352E7-03A5-4785-9D58-B7317DCCA72CPurple mountain majesty at sunrise 


The CZ is just serving breakfast as it rolls through the golden prairie east of Roggen at sunrise  



Drama awaits your camera on the Brush Subdivision but always play it safe guys stay off the tracks and respect the no trespassing signs both private and railroad  

I hope you guys enjoyed a quick peek at what I’ve been up too. It’s a fun hobby and I try to keep it fun and rewarding sometimes it’s a huge effort to get up long before sunrise especially in the summer at 0345 to reach locations at first light. It was worth it  and I plan to keep going as long as I can  



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Great territory, but my favorite diesel locomotives that trod this line were the green and cream, with maroon separator line, SD's. Guess they are all retired now. Those locomotives were dedicated to coal train service, exclusively.

There were a couple of very serious head-on collisions, at Wiggins and Roggen, CO in the 1990's. Resulted in a number of crew fatalities.   

Near-by Benkelman, NE was the home town of Wagon Master/Wagon Train TV show star, Ward Bond.

Excellent photos - - you join photographers Dick Kindig, Otto Perry and Joe Schick (a resident of Keenesburg, CO) !

Erik - In viewing your Instagram photo collection, one locomotive popped out of great interest...a Burlington Prairie type (2-6-2) #1938.  Since this locomotive has never been available commercially, what is it's origin? Is it a Tom Mix?       

mark s posted:

Erik - In viewing your Instagram photo collection, one locomotive popped out of great interest...a Burlington Prairie type (2-6-2) #1938.  Since this locomotive has never been available commercially, what is it's origin? Is it a Tom Mix?       

Hey Mark,

This was a layout tour Jefferson was on and this model caught his eye as well. As far as origins or any details I have no idea. Obviously it’s a custom built   



You make us all "blush" green with envy at your great talent, behind the viewfinder, at your workbench and on your layout.  Your work inspires us all.  Thank you.

GENERAL NOTICE - Safety is of the first importance in the discharge of duty.  Obedience to the rules is essential to safety.  To enter or remain in the service is an assurance of willingness to obey the rules.

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