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I have two recently purchased Lionel Illuminated Station Platforms, 78-2917-250, 6/17.  Thanks to help and support from this forum I now have them connected with auxiliary power from my ZW transformer, not track power.

The owner’s manual says to use 12 – 14 volts of power.  When I set the ZW control to an indicated 12 – 14 the lighting is not very bright.  By comparison, my Lionel postwar No.-15G station platform with new incandescent bulbs being fed a constant 11 volts is much brighter.

Is this normal?

Thanks BZ

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Marty W,

Thanks for the suggestion, have not tried controlling the brightness of the post war station platform.  The info on the bottom says to use 6 - 8 volt bulbs but the closest I could get from the local Batteries Plus Bulbs store was 4.9 volts.  The two bulbs are wired in series so the 11 volts I am supplying is overdriving them a bit.

Do you, others, have experience with the two new illuminated station platforms I bought?  My guess is even if I were to turn off the post war station's illumination the new ones would appear rather dim.



No, I am not familiar with using diodes in series, but I did some experimenting and found ways to control the older station's brightness.

I connected the wiring to the constant 5 volt terminals of my 1033 transformer (in lieu of 11 volts) and the lighting was dimmer, but a bit too dim.  I then connected the wiring to the variable voltage terminals of an old American Flyer Type 7 transformer that I was not using and I can control the brightness with that.

Yes, the new stations do not appear to be as dim when I turn down the brightness of the old station.

Thanks for everyone's help.


The wiring for the two new station platforms is 16awg with a total length of about 8' in 3 segments.  First segment is the pigtail for the barrel connector and is 20" long.  Second segment is about 4' long and third segment is about 2' long and connects to my ZW.  Segments are connected via terminal strips using spade wire connectors.

First terminal strip just connects the pigtail to the second segment.

Second terminal strip has additional connections available but not currently being used.  I was planning to add wiring for auxiliary power for 4 Fastrack O-36 switches to this terminal strip to use the same ZW terminal to power the switches.


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