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Can I install a PS 3 GG1 sound file into a non-GG1 board?  Or will the sound file transfer balk at installing to a board that does not have the pantograph drive components?

I have acquired a non MTH GG1 that does not have operating pantographs.  I have a PS-3 Diesel board I would like to use.

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It's my understanding, at least with PS2, that it's not just a sound file.  It's a "personality" file which also contains factors that translate feedback from the tach reader into track speed, etc.   These same data points also control the chuff rate on steam locos, and prime mover RPM levels on diesels.

So why does this matter?  The driving wheels on a GG-1 are slightly larger than those on a typical diesel.  So if  you use a GG-1 sound / personality file in a diesel, the loco's actual scale speed will be about 10-15 percent slower than the commanded speed on the remote.  It will also run slower than PS2 / PS3 locos with factory sound files.  I *think* that you can correct this issue by using a custom tach tape with a different number of stripes / spacing, compared to the factory tape.  If I'm mistaken about this, I hope someone else will step up to correct me.

The board does not have that personality trait.  PS-2 5v and 3V need factory flash codes for specific feature operation.  Quillable Whistle, small smoke, coors, panto graph, and a few others.  But the sound file had the engine speed table.

His question seems to be a non gg-1 flash board and a GG-1 with out pantos.  So yes you can load the GG-1 SF and not hurt anything.  No pantographs or bi directional markers either.

If you had a MTH GG-1 with all those features and tried to use a non flashed GG-1 board.  Engine would work, again the panto and markers would not.  G

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